Life with young children should be joyful, not stressful.


How Can I Keep the Kids Entertained So I Can Get Stuff Done?

Get THREE of all my all-time favorite independent play activities for mastering transition times.

Take back control of your time.

Learn How

Let's maximize our time and joy!

Gaining more time and feeling more balanced means we need to master three areas of our lives:

"Making" Time

Learn how to get things done peacefully even when the kids are at home. Get your kids started playing independently using Play Presents. 

Family Time

Enjoy family time to the fullest with parenting tips and tricks, ideas for family fun and activities the entire family will love.

Self-Care Time

Learn how to recharge and re-energize to increase your focus. Enjoy life by taking care of you! Self care is not a choice. You're the rock of the family!